Consejos para superar el Speaking en los exámenes de Cambridge

Consejos para superar el Speaking en los exámenes de Cambridge

Monday 26  March 15:00 – 16:00 (Spain Time)            Wednesday 28  March 11:00 – 12:00 (Spain Time)

What is this webinar about?

In this webinar we will look at how we can help learners develop their speaking skills and progression at B2 level. If we help learners understand the criteria for success we can ask them to analyse examples of their own speaking performance, using recordings or transcripts. This approach enables students to focus on small improvements and set their immediate learning goals. It also encourages learners to reflect on and think about their learning and progression, and in turn take responsibility for their own learning.

Webinar speaking at B2 level – Presenters

Jane Lloyd

Jane’s current responsibilities for RTL involve working on large scale educational reform projects with ministries and NGOs, and working for the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE). Her work for ALTE is to support other national language test providers. This includes statistical analysis of items, analysis of rater performance, research into exam and language use at regional and national level, courses and training in assessment, preparation for audits, and training for item writers, test designers and raters. She has a degree in Linguistics, a DELTA, an MA in Linguistics and TESOL, and an MA in Language Testing.

Siân Morgan

Siân has taught in the UK, Italy and the USA. Among her current responsibilities are managing IELTS partnerships and stakeholder engagement, providing research support for teaching qualifications, as well as thought leadership activities such as writing research communications and presenting at workshops and conferences. She is also the lead RTL contact for speaking assessment. Her interests include Learning-Oriented Assessment, Performance Assessment, and Assessment Literacy. Siân has presented at numerous academic and teaching conferences in Europe and the US. He also published in teaching and academic journals. She has a B.A. in Modern Languages, a PGCE in French, an MA in TESOL, and an MA in Applied Linguistics (Language Assessment) from Columbia University, New York.


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